Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Sleepy boy

Charlie was able to come home on Sunday. Yea!!! It's so nice to be out of the hospital. I think Charlie was starting to think that it was his second home:)

We figured out that he had got a staph infection, specifically staphlococcus epidermidis. Vancomycin is a really good antibiotic for this bacteria. He had got admitted again the day before Thanksgiving because the levels on his vancomycin weren't high enough to take care of it completely. So his dose was increased yet again. Nick's dad got a chance to talk to Dr Book and she told him that she has never had to give such a high dose to any patient before. It was obvious that he needed it that high though. Just another example of him being a unique little guy:)

Grandma Campbell has offered again to take the girls for a couple days in order to let us spend some time with Charlie adjusting to home. He has been coping okay. He sleeps a lot but whenever he is awake he is always needing to be comforted. I think he is still just a little leary of what is going to happen next. Poor guy, I feel so bad for what he has had to go through. But also very fortunate to have him as healthy as he is, considering his condition.

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