Sunday, November 18, 2007

Back in the hospital

Yesterday, I noticed that Charlie was not feeling well. He wasn't eating and he was feeling really warm. After getting 102.7 for a temp, I took him into the emergency dept. We were concerned that it might be cholangitis, infection in the intestine. However today, after lots of labs, positive blood cultures, high white count and his temp spiking up to 103.3 it looks like he has a staph infection. We aren't sure of the source yet but his liver enzymes and bilirubin are fine, so it is most likely not his liver or cholangitis. The plan is to treat the sepsis with antibiotics and monitor him for a few days in the hospital.
Through all this, Charlie has been such an awesome kid. He has stole the hearts of all the nurses who are always saying what a cute, sweet boy he is. Nick and I have been grateful to live so close to Primary Childrens and so impressed at how caring and kind the medical staff has been. It feels good to know he is in such good care.

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