Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Short visit home

Well, yesterday went pretty good. Some high temps but overall Charlie was improving quite a bit. He was scheduled to get a PICC line in early this afternoon and afterwards we could all come home for Thanksgiving. Our friends Luke and Lauren were absolutely wonderful and chose to spend their day off with us. Lauren kept me company as we waited for Charlie's PICC line and Luke was home with Nick helping out with the girls.
So around 3pm Charlie was ready to get discharged. The nurses set up home health nursing to come and IV therapy to drop off all his drugs at our house. We finally got home around 4 and started making plans to go to Ogden for Thanksgiving but Charlie of course had other ideas in mind. About two hours after we got home, he got another fever. So I called the GI doctor and was told to come into the ER again. It looks like his antibiotic, Zosyn, was stopped too early and he still has some sort of bacteria. The good news is that it still isn't affecting his liver at all.

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