Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Lots of smiles!

Charlie is continuing to get better and better. Here is a picture of his scar from the Kasai surgery. It is healing so nicely. Also, we have been very fortunate to have not had a bout of cholangitis (infection). Many kids that go through this surgery get cholangitis at least once. It can be pretty scary if that happens because it can cause septic shock or can cause the surgery to not work anymore, thus needing a transplant. Luckily, Charlie is already about 6 weeks post surgery, so the chance of developing cholangitis is continually decreasing.

Charlie's nest lab draws are this Thursday again. And there has also been talk of this being the last week of antibiotics and his picc line! I should find out if that is the case today or tomorrow.

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  1. Oh what a beauty. I wish so much I could hold him, right now! It will be for...ever until I get to hold all three of your beauties. Hope your well. Love The Peties!