Monday, October 22, 2007

Great doctor appointments!

We just got back from Charlie's appointment with his GI doctor, Dr. Book. She said that the surgery is definitly working and that we should be thrilled with the results!! Well, we are thrilled and feeling so very blessed to be among the top 30%! His labs are all looking wonderful except the white blood cell count is slightly high. So, she started him on an oral antibiotic, Septra. Other good news is that we can now start tapering off on some of his meds, including the steroids. And on the 29th of this month we are officially off all the IV antibiotics! Which means goodbye to his PICC line. Nick and I will be so happy to get some more sleep, but Charlie may not be so happy as he has grown quite accustomed and attached to the line:)
Also, he saw his family doctor last Thursday for a well child checkup. Everything looks good. He now weighs 12 lbs which is around the 5th percentile.
All in all, a great week! Thanks again for all the prayers!

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