Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Great night!

Surprisingly enough after Sunday's awful night, last night was wonderful! The twins both slept until 5 am. I feel like a new person:)
Nick and I both think that Charlie got some some of stomach virus from Kayla. She wasn't feeling too good yesterday at all. And it wasn't like Charlie to vomit as much as he had 2 nights ago. Poor kids...It is just so sad when they get sick.
Other than that, "our little yellow man" is doing really good. Not yellow at all anymore! He has 2 doctor appointments coming up soon so I will update then...

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  1. Nick is right, he is sure lucky to have you as a wife and you to have him as husband. Sorry to hear about Charlie. I hope his next doc appts are good. I'll call you tomorrow, hopefully! I'm doing good by the way. Love Peties