Thursday, September 6, 2007

We are finally home!!

Yeah! Charlie got discharged from the hopsital late this afternoon. He will continue to be on IV antibiotics for a few weeks. A home health nurse stopped by and gave us a crash course on PICC lines and IV therapy. It sure brought back all the nursing skills that I hadn't used in years.

He is doing pretty good. Still looks a little yellow, but is improving every day. We have our next doctor appointments in 2 weeks. At that time he'll get labs done as well which should tell us if his liver is excreting any bile.


  1. Sure glad Charlie's back in his old stomping ground. That is where he needs to be. Now he recover, get stronger and be with his mom and dad, and sisters.

    Grandma misses Charlie.

  2. He looks so great. He is surely super man! I love the blog. All my love MOP