Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Short hospital stay:)

So, sorry it's taken so long to update. Charlie only had to stay at PCMC for 3 days. Came home with another PICC and just got that out last week. Since then, fever-free and loving the summer weather. Here's a few hospital pics and fun home pics

Late night ice cream treats:)


Loving the sandbox

 Hmmm...Maybe a doctor  some day?

 Lots and lots and lots of TV while in the hospital

Playing footsie with Hailey

Getting his PICC line out. Took it like a champ:)


  1. We are so glad it was quick and that he has been fever free.

  2. My name is HollyJo Karren, you don't know me but I found you through a website we were given for our son Easten whom also has biliary atresia. Crazy, his birthday was June 6, 2007. He is now getting ready for transplant hopefully living donor from his dad. Has your son had his transplant yet?
    Our family blog is hollyandrustykarren.blogspot.com if you are interested, I would love to write back and forth as we both can with our busy lives.
    HollyJo Karren

  3. Just found your blog through another blog. Your little ones are adorable! Our little one, Ember, was diagnosed with B.A. in 2008. She had her transplant in 2008 also. So glad to find more blogs out there about beautiful liver kids. Following you!