Thursday, August 30, 2007

Aunt Becky's thoughts

When I started this blog I had asked for some stories about Charlie from my sister, Becky. Here's what she's written about the time she's spent with the kids soon after the twins were born.

I was pregnant myself when I heard the news that my sister was having twins. After crossing my fingers that I’d not have the same luck, I checked my schedule. Fortunately, Quesa was due sometime during my second trimester, so I was able to make a trip to Utah in June to help out. I kept praying that she wouldn’t have the twins until I got there. Maybe I shouldn’t have prayed quite so hard; it took a week and a half after my arrival for the little ones to show up. :) I vaguely remember Quesa and Nick heading to the hospital at sometime in the wee hours of the morning on June 16, 2007. My mom told me later that she didn’t sleep a wink for the rest of the night; she was waiting for that phone call. I, however, quickly drifted back into a pregnancy induced slumber. In fact, at around six thirty when the call came and mom told me to get out bed pronto, my first thought was, “Are you kidding me? Get out of here before I chuck a pillow at your head, woman!” That thought was quickly followed by a brief sense of guilt for disrespecting the woman who gave birth to me, and then immediately pushed aside by the most important thought of the morning thus far: “Babies!!”We high tailed it to the hospital, where I got my first glimpse of Hailey Marquesa and Charles Nicholas Campbell. I refuse to admit that I played favorites on the grounds that I might incriminate myself, but there was no doubt that as soon as I saw him, I felt a special connection with Charlie. Maybe it was all the comments about Hailey’s beauty (with which I wholeheartedly concur) that made me think he needed a little extra love. Maybe he took me back to that moment more than three years ago when I held our little Riley boy in my arms for the first time. Or maybe it was as simple as middle child bonding syndrome. Whatever the case, I fell in love. Everyone teased me about playing favorites and I guess they assumed that if I was going to hold, feed, or change one of the twins, I wanted it to be Charlie. So they started leaving Charlie for me. The more time I spent with him, the more I liked him. My heart broke this month when I found out that he’d been hospitalized, but I know that everyone is going to have different challenges in this life. Whatever happens, I hope he knows that he’s got an aunt somewhere in Alaska who’s rooting for him and who thinks he’s one special kid.Disclaimer: I had to steal Hailey a few times to let her know that Aunt Becky was head over heels about her, too. And don’t even get me started on Kayla. I mean, look at the girl! She’s adorable, she giggles all the time, she eats green beans without complaints, for crying out loud - what’s not to love?

And another few thoughts about her son, Riley's, reaction to hearing about Charlie's illness.

From the moment Adam and I heard that Charlie was in the hospital, his name started popping up in almost every prayer we uttered. I didn’t know if our three-year old, Riley, remembered who Charlie was, even though we’d mentioned him before, so I pulled out a few pictures to remind him. I told him that Charlie was sick, and when Riley wanted to know why, I explained that one of Charlie’s body parts wasn’t working like it was supposed to. I think that Riley had hurt his knee earlier that week because he asked, “Are his knees okay?” After talking a little more, I let him know that his Aunt Quesa was going to call us later and tell us how things were going. He looked up at me with those big brown eyes and said, “Then everyone will be happy?” I could only choke out, “I sure hope so, buddy.”
Then a few days later, Riley asked to say the prayer at bedtime. Amidst thanking Heavenly Father for his cars and his bed, he said, “Please bless Charlie that she’ll get better.” I was tearing up and trying not to laugh at the same time; it was touching to know that Riley wanted to pray for Charlie, too, but my nephew had just been called a girl! What to do? I settled for giving Riley a big hug and wished I could do the same for Charlie.

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